THOR: Ragnarok Movie Review *SPOILERS*

If you are looking for a great fun film to see as the weather gets colder in the city, this is the one for you. As a big fan of the Marvel Universe, I was not sure what to expect after watching Spiderman: Homecoming.  While I loved that film and myself being a big fan of the web-slinger, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the new Thor: Ragnarok film much better.

What appealed to me the most was that there wasn’t, for the most part, a clear beginning or end.  It was more getting thrown into the life of Thor where he is now and then leaving.  The film could have easily been a TV series in the way it keeps your attention.  Even the less important characters you meet along the way seem to matter.

One of the moments I loved was the cameo that Stan Lee had was to cut off Thor’s hair. This was a fun part for me because it felt as though I was watching Stan Lee in the comics drawing Thor with shorter hair but in a different and more creative way.

In the film, there are a handful of surprise guests and fun easter eggs of not just Marvel fans, but others who love film.

What could have been improved was the role of Idris Elba, it almost seemed like he appeared in the story out of nowhere.  Where he plays such a critical role in making a pivot in the part of the film where it changes course, it was as if it was not explained properly creating enough flow and background for what he did.

Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, and even Matt Damon gave a stellar performance, putting you right in the action.  While this will definitely be a film you will want to buy on Blueray, you will want to catch this one in theatres, and in 3D while it is still showing.

Best always,

Melissa ❤