#JediChallenges : Awaken Your Jedi with @LenovoCanada and @MelissaDiMarco

Starwars Shot 1 - Over the Shoulder v1.jpg

photo courtesy of Out There Productions

Ever since the last Kylo Ren movie came out, more commonly known as Star Wars: The Force Awakens I have excitedly been awaiting the new film The Last Jedi. Thanks to the team at Out There with Melissa DiMarco and Lenovo Canada I had the opportunity to try out the new Augmented Reality ( AR  ) Jedi Challenges.

I think this would make an amazing game at night, because the AR brings a lot of stunning bright colours that would reflect well on the black backdrop.  What is kind of incredible is the lightsaber is made as an exact replica of the one used in the films.  Additionally you will have a small beacon, which looks like a round glowing orb about the size of a tennis ball, to be calibrated so that the game knows where to situate itself.

Inside the visor you place over your eyes, you use a smartphone with the downloaded app, either on Android or iOS. As it is augmented you can actually see through the visor so that it’s not you being transported to a place with Kylo Ren, rather he is transported to your living room or wherever you decide to set up the game. New characters will be added to the game, including one and she will be brand new, specifically for the Jedi Challenges.

This game is the first of its kind, and the ultimate home experience, to continue living the world of Star Wars as a Jedi even after the credits of the movie come up. The Star Wars Jedi Challenges Activation to try out the game yourself will be set up in downtown Toronto through December 21st, having the chance to win one for yourself!

May the force be with you.


Spiderman: Homecoming Review *SPOILERS*

Spiderman Homecoming was amazing. I went in with hesitations because I was so infatuated with the role of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

The opening short film by Peter Parker told in a self documentary style I found pretty brilliant.  Made it a lot more of a personal connection. Instead of introducing Peter Parker told through a narrator or Hollywood style overview, I enjoyed that Peter is introducing himself.  It is as if he is showing us the video on his cell phone of what his internship is really like with Stark Enterprises.

Spiderman in Toronto

Tom Holland did such an incredible job with this role. Normally high school students in movies don’t really seem like high school students.  But in this film the age of the casting was much more believable for the scenes.  With Tom Holland being just 21 years old cast as a 15 year old it allows for a sense of realism and relatability.

It is also one of the rare times that you empathise with a villain.  Starting the movie with the backstory of The Vulture is something unique and created a backstory I was not expecting at the beginning of a Spiderman movie, but enjoyed.

When Michael Keaton as the vulture opens the door it really freaked me out. I was 100% sure that he had the love interest held hostage.  But then a twist happens and it turns out he is the girl dad.  He has something deeper and more personal with Peter Parker.  Gives us more depth for him rather than just an evil villain in the movie.

I will say I could have used more action scenes and suspense.  Even though the movie went for just over 2 hours, if it went for another 2 I would have been totally fine with it.

I am not sure about Zendaya as “MJ”. They never explicitly said that she would be Mary Jane.  Unless they have some chemistry in movies to come, she should remain as Michelle and keep it simple.

I hope whether you have thoughts that it might not be exactly what you are looking for, you should still watch it. If you are a Spiderman fan, especially of the comics you will not be disappointed. Very much hoping that the Sinister Six will be in upcoming movies too.

Best always,

Melissa ❤

Sometimes you just need some 90s Disney

Sometimes we just miss the old Disney movies…

Like A Goofy Movie

Where they were simply hand drawn, instead of all digitally made ( except for Frozen of course, because Frozen is everything ) If only life could be like simpler times.  Where kids didn’t grow up so fast. And they would just understand to appreciate each other and enjoy being a kid. That even when you think your parents are embarrassing you or being annoying, they just care about you.

and in the words of Powerline

“If we listen to each other’s hearts
We’ll find we’re never too far apart
& maybe love is the reason why
For the first time ever we’re seeing it eye to eye”

May your dream that you wish come true,

Melissa ♥


Brandy ( my dog ) and Dogs of Disney

Hello !

Sorry in advance for writing a sad post – but just yesterday my dog who was a great friend to me passed away. She was just over 14 human years old.

I don’t think I could be more sad than I am now.


I know today is Valentines Day but I think love for your dogs is just as important as a romantic or friendship love.


 No matter what they do, whether bite your shoe or pee in places they shouldn’t.  When they are gone you will miss all of it.


In light of this I would like to remember all of our favourite puppies, pooches and poodles from the original films to the ones from the 2000s.


When you have a dog, unless you have been through it before, you have no idea how much it will hurt when you have to say goodbye.

May your dream that you wish come true,

Melissa ♥

Canadian going to Disney World Orlando


As someone who LOVES Disney World, in Orlando Florida I am excited to share this amazing offer with you.  It might seem to good to be true, but its totally fine.  It is directly from Disney’s official website.


Right now – until February 28th, Canadian Residents can save SO MUCH on tickets.  Where they retail for $140 Canadian ( aprox) for tickets to just one park ie. Magic Kingdom, you can save much more with their online promotion.

Tickets costing as low as $14 a day ( if you go for 10 days ).


If you are thinking to go to Walt Disney World this year, and are a Canadian Resident, you won’t want to miss out on this offer!

May your dream that you wish come true,

Melissa ♥



Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Extended Trailer

Very excited that the new trailer is out for the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  It seems to me very dark but I loved the Pirates movies since the beginning.

Also, it is nice to remember and reminisce about the Pirates ride at Walt Disney World.  Weird sometimes to think that it didn’t used to have a Jack Sparrow as a part of it.  Still felt just as swashbuckling fun.

Cannot wait for it to come out on Friday May 26th!

May your dream that you wish come true,

Melissa ♥

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I find it so fascinating that people have started to take the 2 newest movie titles and put them together. It is strange that they do actually make a sentence. The Force Awakens The Last Jedi.


I am curious to know if and whether Jedi is meant to be plural or singular. Would be pretty amazing to see more of a dialogue from Kylo Ren and Rey. The fact that they both have similar outlooks but looking at the Star Wars universe differently is pretty amazing. So far, all I know is that it will be released in December. Guess what I want for Christmas !

Kind of missing the Star Tours ride. I remember going on it when I was younger and there was hardly even a line.  I cannot even imagine now with the release as well of Rogue One that so many people would be wanting to feel that surreal Disney magic experience.

May your dream that you wish come true,

Melissa ♥