#JediChallenges : Awaken Your Jedi with @LenovoCanada and @MelissaDiMarco

Starwars Shot 1 - Over the Shoulder v1.jpg

photo courtesy of Out There Productions

Ever since the last Kylo Ren movie came out, more commonly known as Star Wars: The Force Awakens I have excitedly been awaiting the new film The Last Jedi. Thanks to the team at Out There with Melissa DiMarco and Lenovo Canada I had the opportunity to try out the new Augmented Reality ( AR  ) Jedi Challenges.

I think this would make an amazing game at night, because the AR brings a lot of stunning bright colours that would reflect well on the black backdrop.  What is kind of incredible is the lightsaber is made as an exact replica of the one used in the films.  Additionally you will have a small beacon, which looks like a round glowing orb about the size of a tennis ball, to be calibrated so that the game knows where to situate itself.

Inside the visor you place over your eyes, you use a smartphone with the downloaded app, either on Android or iOS. As it is augmented you can actually see through the visor so that it’s not you being transported to a place with Kylo Ren, rather he is transported to your living room or wherever you decide to set up the game. New characters will be added to the game, including one and she will be brand new, specifically for the Jedi Challenges.

This game is the first of its kind, and the ultimate home experience, to continue living the world of Star Wars as a Jedi even after the credits of the movie come up. The Star Wars Jedi Challenges Activation to try out the game yourself will be set up in downtown Toronto through December 21st, having the chance to win one for yourself!

May the force be with you.

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