Brandy ( my dog ) and Dogs of Disney

Hello !

Sorry in advance for writing a sad post – but just yesterday my dog who was a great friend to me passed away. She was just over 14 human years old.

I don’t think I could be more sad than I am now.


I know today is Valentines Day but I think love for your dogs is just as important as a romantic or friendship love.


 No matter what they do, whether bite your shoe or pee in places they shouldn’t.  When they are gone you will miss all of it.


In light of this I would like to remember all of our favourite puppies, pooches and poodles from the original films to the ones from the 2000s.


When you have a dog, unless you have been through it before, you have no idea how much it will hurt when you have to say goodbye.

May your dream that you wish come true,

Melissa ♥


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